Paul Wysocan is an art director and graphic designer with a non-traditional background. Capitalizing on his unique experience as a graphic designer and architect working in both contemporary art and architecture, he has worked at the intersection of environmental, graphic and new media design and technologies.



MAL/TBWA, Los Angeles, CA – 8/07-9/07
Freelance Asst. Art Director.
   New concepts and directions for upcoming Apple iPod silhouettes campaign.
   New directions for art direction, photography and narrative concepts.
   Design select new print media for iPod touch.
   Expanded MAL internal branding.

Doug Aitken, Los Angeles, CA – 2003-2007
Environmental design and Graphic design.
   Several catalogs, books and posters and art exhibitions worldwide.
   sleepwalkers MoMA
   Broken Screen Book
   alpha Book

Sarkissian Mason NY, NY – 8/2004
Online Mazda Commercial
   Art Directed and Co-Directed Mazda RX-8 commercial.

George Yu Architects Los Angeles, CA – 2002
   Documentation of projects for IBM ebusiness center & Sony Headquarters competition